Friday, 2 March 2012


Thank God Its Friday!

I can't believe how fast time flies. Literally! Its definitely true that the older you get the quicker life flashes before your eyes! It seems like yesterday I was travelling round Australia and New Zealand and it was a whole year a go!

And the weeks! They seem to fly by too! Its already March, it was only Christmas day yesterday, wasn't it?

Every week (like the majority of the human race) I look forward to the weekend. Its just funny how a Monday is always a little bit horrible and you can't help but be in a slightly better mood on a Friday as you count the hours down to the weekend, even if you love your job! I complelely LOVE weekends. I used to work as a waitress. Which meant... Long shifts and bad hours. The busiest times are the weekends (Eugh) and evenings! After a while I thought I need a normal Monday-Friday job! I got one :) and ever since I've just been able to appreciate the weekends. and man it feels good!

Building a house means i don't really have MUCH of a weekend, but I still can't wait :) I still have to get up at 7 and work all day, but I'm with Sam and we are working towards something that will be SO rewarding :) Sunday's are more relaxed. We have a little lie in and go to work on the house for half a day. Sunday evenings are always so exciting too. Without fail (unless on holiday!) we always go to mine for a Sunday Roast with my family. Ultra Cozy followed by Desperate Housewives before the dreaded Monday arrives. and then just like that... its Friday again!

Do you not agree?

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