Saturday, 3 March 2012


So I'm most definitely addicted to shopping. It happens to be the dreaded online shopping I'm completey obsessed with. Its TOO easy! You can sit down and do it! You don't even have to MOVE!

So I was underpaid £300 this month! VERY angry Lauraloo :( But has it stopped me? Err NO. So I will try and do a haul for you soon. How bad is this... I was paid on Wednesday and have already received two parcels and I'm expecting two more!
(Asos, Forever 21, then Asos again! and Miss Selfridge!)

I get so addicted to it! I am shopping for Spring though and I am going on holiday in a month so this helps me justify it slightly! But I know I need MORE clothes and especially bikini's! So I'll be heading to Primark for that. Then I'll officially have NO money in my bank. I can handle it. Eek but it does make your stomach feel horrible though!

The reason whyy I was going to do this post though was my excitement for my Miss Selfridge order. It was only one item, a maxi skirt, for £20 reduced from £40 but I loved the look of it! I don't own anything like this already and it might not suit me being 5 ft 3 but we'll see! Its also a size 12 and I'm a size 10 but it was the only size left! I'll let you know if I ACTUALLY like it when I get it next week!

Click to visit the link! :)


  1. Beautiful skirt! So summery x

  2. I'm so excited! still waiting for it. I hope I like it! will let you know :) xxx