Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Collective Haul

Aloha :)

I've been going on about my manic little shopping spree so I thought I'd show you some of the things I'd bought recently!

Well the first thing to quickly mention is LIZ EARLE, I've recently felt the need to try out the hyped products from this wonder woman and I have to say, so far, I'm impressed. To try and save money I didn't go too wild, I just two products. The Liz Earle cleanse and polish (full size) and I wanted to try out a moisturiser, so I went for the 15ml combination tube. I was a bit shocked at how small it was for £7! BUT they gave me a freebie! I got a 30ml Liz Earle skin tonic (toner) which was next on my list to try so I was a very happy girl!

I completely love them all. I use them everyday now and I've found its help me get into an everyday cleansing routine. I haven't felt or noticed any differences as of yet other then beautifully soft skin after application. But I'll keep you posted on that!

I also made my first Forever 21 purchase recently. I was really happy with what I got. I haven't mastered the best way to show clothes yet (not too comfortable photographing myself but I will attempt in future). But I will show the two rings I bought. I think they are both lovely for £3.25 or however cheap they were each was a great deal. One problem is I'm really limited with fingers for the ring on the right! And I can't send it back so it may end up being a present!

 I also did a tiny little ASOS online shop recently and got myself a few little pieces of jewelery because my collection is insanely low. (So how could I not?!) I bought this ear cuff earing from Asos for £6. Its just a bit different and I really liked it. The chain just clips onto your ear, its not actually a piercing. I also got myself a pair of resin drop horn earrings for £2! Such a good deal :) and when I looked the next day they were out of stock so I'm glad I got them when I did!

I also managed to bag a new ring and another pair of earrings. The arrow ring was £5 reduced from £10 which I thought was pretty good.
Its a gold ring with very small bronzey gems in the middle. The earrings were £3 reduced from £10. They are slightly bigger then I thought they'd be! So are a little bit scary to wear but I think they are really pretty and would look nice with my hair down or in a messy bun. My pictures currently aren't of good quality (which isn't like me being a photographer!) but the earrings are a beautiful shade of emerald green, which was a present surprise. As they appear a coal black on the website. (Don't you just love bargins!) So I was very happy with those too!

I'm actually heading into town today, but I'm going to try and be good! I'm very naughty when it comes to deals and sales! Eek. I'm also very annoyed because I've been waiting to share this for ages, since I ordered that skirt in my preivous post. It never came! then I realised it was out of stock and they never charged me! Its not fair I still got the emails so I assumed it was all good. :( so I am on the hunt for a similar skirt.

Thanks for reading. I'll try and show clothes in future!


  1. You have got some gorgeous things! Love the arrow ring :)



  2. Ohhh, you got some lovely jewellery bits.

    Great post!


  3. I'm also a fan on the Liz Earle skincare, love the cleanse and polish!

    Lovely blog..following! Would love if you checked mine out and followed if you liked it.

    Becca x

  4. Such a great buys. I love Liz Earle skincare range. x