Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Collective Haul

Aloha :)

I've been going on about my manic little shopping spree so I thought I'd show you some of the things I'd bought recently!

Well the first thing to quickly mention is LIZ EARLE, I've recently felt the need to try out the hyped products from this wonder woman and I have to say, so far, I'm impressed. To try and save money I didn't go too wild, I just two products. The Liz Earle cleanse and polish (full size) and I wanted to try out a moisturiser, so I went for the 15ml combination tube. I was a bit shocked at how small it was for £7! BUT they gave me a freebie! I got a 30ml Liz Earle skin tonic (toner) which was next on my list to try so I was a very happy girl!

I completely love them all. I use them everyday now and I've found its help me get into an everyday cleansing routine. I haven't felt or noticed any differences as of yet other then beautifully soft skin after application. But I'll keep you posted on that!

I also made my first Forever 21 purchase recently. I was really happy with what I got. I haven't mastered the best way to show clothes yet (not too comfortable photographing myself but I will attempt in future). But I will show the two rings I bought. I think they are both lovely for £3.25 or however cheap they were each was a great deal. One problem is I'm really limited with fingers for the ring on the right! And I can't send it back so it may end up being a present!

 I also did a tiny little ASOS online shop recently and got myself a few little pieces of jewelery because my collection is insanely low. (So how could I not?!) I bought this ear cuff earing from Asos for £6. Its just a bit different and I really liked it. The chain just clips onto your ear, its not actually a piercing. I also got myself a pair of resin drop horn earrings for £2! Such a good deal :) and when I looked the next day they were out of stock so I'm glad I got them when I did!

I also managed to bag a new ring and another pair of earrings. The arrow ring was £5 reduced from £10 which I thought was pretty good.
Its a gold ring with very small bronzey gems in the middle. The earrings were £3 reduced from £10. They are slightly bigger then I thought they'd be! So are a little bit scary to wear but I think they are really pretty and would look nice with my hair down or in a messy bun. My pictures currently aren't of good quality (which isn't like me being a photographer!) but the earrings are a beautiful shade of emerald green, which was a present surprise. As they appear a coal black on the website. (Don't you just love bargins!) So I was very happy with those too!

I'm actually heading into town today, but I'm going to try and be good! I'm very naughty when it comes to deals and sales! Eek. I'm also very annoyed because I've been waiting to share this for ages, since I ordered that skirt in my preivous post. It never came! then I realised it was out of stock and they never charged me! Its not fair I still got the emails so I assumed it was all good. :( so I am on the hunt for a similar skirt.

Thanks for reading. I'll try and show clothes in future!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The BUN ring.

Mmmm tasty donuts ;)

If your hair isn't as thick as you'd like then THIS is or could be the answer to your problems. I wear my hair up most of the time, especially because I have to after work. But wearing my hair in a bun is the most common thing I do, (other then your standard pony-tail) its just the easiest way for me.

These have been around for a years I'm sure, but I've never thought about it before and seeing as I picked it up for £1.00 from Primark its just the best thing Ive bought so far this year!

I've got some quick instagram photos (sorry about quality!) that give you an idea of my bun before and after I've used it. Its so simple and easy.

Put you hair into a pony tail of your desired bun to sit
Place the bun ring over your pony tail and sort of spread your hair over it.
Now what I do personally from here on is just move the hair evenly round the bun so it covers the bun and then fix together with hair clips.
Before the bun below...

After the beauty...

I love! <3

Saturday, 3 March 2012


So I'm most definitely addicted to shopping. It happens to be the dreaded online shopping I'm completey obsessed with. Its TOO easy! You can sit down and do it! You don't even have to MOVE!

So I was underpaid £300 this month! VERY angry Lauraloo :( But has it stopped me? Err NO. So I will try and do a haul for you soon. How bad is this... I was paid on Wednesday and have already received two parcels and I'm expecting two more!
(Asos, Forever 21, then Asos again! and Miss Selfridge!)

I get so addicted to it! I am shopping for Spring though and I am going on holiday in a month so this helps me justify it slightly! But I know I need MORE clothes and especially bikini's! So I'll be heading to Primark for that. Then I'll officially have NO money in my bank. I can handle it. Eek but it does make your stomach feel horrible though!

The reason whyy I was going to do this post though was my excitement for my Miss Selfridge order. It was only one item, a maxi skirt, for £20 reduced from £40 but I loved the look of it! I don't own anything like this already and it might not suit me being 5 ft 3 but we'll see! Its also a size 12 and I'm a size 10 but it was the only size left! I'll let you know if I ACTUALLY like it when I get it next week!

Click to visit the link! :)

Friday, 2 March 2012


Thank God Its Friday!

I can't believe how fast time flies. Literally! Its definitely true that the older you get the quicker life flashes before your eyes! It seems like yesterday I was travelling round Australia and New Zealand and it was a whole year a go!

And the weeks! They seem to fly by too! Its already March, it was only Christmas day yesterday, wasn't it?

Every week (like the majority of the human race) I look forward to the weekend. Its just funny how a Monday is always a little bit horrible and you can't help but be in a slightly better mood on a Friday as you count the hours down to the weekend, even if you love your job! I complelely LOVE weekends. I used to work as a waitress. Which meant... Long shifts and bad hours. The busiest times are the weekends (Eugh) and evenings! After a while I thought I need a normal Monday-Friday job! I got one :) and ever since I've just been able to appreciate the weekends. and man it feels good!

Building a house means i don't really have MUCH of a weekend, but I still can't wait :) I still have to get up at 7 and work all day, but I'm with Sam and we are working towards something that will be SO rewarding :) Sunday's are more relaxed. We have a little lie in and go to work on the house for half a day. Sunday evenings are always so exciting too. Without fail (unless on holiday!) we always go to mine for a Sunday Roast with my family. Ultra Cozy followed by Desperate Housewives before the dreaded Monday arrives. and then just like that... its Friday again!

Do you not agree?

Monday, 27 February 2012

Lets begin...


Well I don't really know where to start! I've chosen the worst possible time to start my first blog post - Shattered and headachey. In fact my vision feels like its blurring slightly, so I'll keep it simple for now!

I'll share a few basics! I'm Laura :) I'm 19, (20yrs on 21st April!) and I live in Hampshire. I currently work in a children's nursery which i love! BUT.. its not my dream, and after deciding not to go to university I sort of need to find my dream. I'm basically an arty/creative kinda gal. I don't know what I want to do with my life (career wise) yet.

I didn't want to spend thousands of pounds on university which wouldn't likely land me a job afterwards!  Not the impression I get these day's anyway. Yes I would learn a lot, but I'd rather do it the hard way ;) and the cheaper way I might add! So working in a nursery is good for the time being, but I need to get on the bottom of the ladder and work my way up! HELP ITS NOT THAT EASY...

Right also, I have the most beautiful man of my dreams who I happened to be building a house with! Yes at 19... we started building our house (in a lovely village I wont say!) at the beginning of 2011 and plan to move in this August! We've done a lot of the work ourselves and because Sam is in the building industry we have a lot of advantages! So I'm a very busy girl! I spend most weekends up there doing my bit so I'm sure there will be a lot of posts on it... and pictures! :)

Before and After so far! :)

Lots more to say but I don't want to get too carried away! But I decided to get a blog because my besty Danielle recently made one! (Milkys Ways) I thought, yeah why not! I love YouTube and reading blogs, so I've decided to start myself! I can't promise I'll be regular because this is just the beginning, so who knows!

Thanks for reading!