Sunday, 4 March 2012

The BUN ring.

Mmmm tasty donuts ;)

If your hair isn't as thick as you'd like then THIS is or could be the answer to your problems. I wear my hair up most of the time, especially because I have to after work. But wearing my hair in a bun is the most common thing I do, (other then your standard pony-tail) its just the easiest way for me.

These have been around for a years I'm sure, but I've never thought about it before and seeing as I picked it up for £1.00 from Primark its just the best thing Ive bought so far this year!

I've got some quick instagram photos (sorry about quality!) that give you an idea of my bun before and after I've used it. Its so simple and easy.

Put you hair into a pony tail of your desired bun to sit
Place the bun ring over your pony tail and sort of spread your hair over it.
Now what I do personally from here on is just move the hair evenly round the bun so it covers the bun and then fix together with hair clips.
Before the bun below...

After the beauty...

I love! <3

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  1. pretty damn safe sista ;) i feel like i would like one just to give a good shape cos i can never get mine good :(
    gnah xx